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396th Medical Collecting Company
Unit History

My father, Herman E. White, served in the 396th Medical Collecting Company in France, Belgium & Germany during World War Two.  He left the U.S. from Staten Island, New York, and landed at LeHavre, France, in January 1945.  His unit was soon sent north to Belgium during the German Ardennes Offensive (The Battle of the Bulge).  According to dad, the unit moved across France, spending some time in the vicinity of Chateau Thierry, and crossed the Rhein into Germany on a pontoon bridge next to the Remagen Bridge.  Near the end of the war, the unit was at Gardelegen, the site of the Gardelegen Massacre, and after the war it repatriated prisoners of war of various nationalities, particularly Russians, at Leipzig.  By V.J. Day, dad was at Marseilles waiting for a ship to take him to the Pacific.  President Truman's decision to use atomic weapons ended the war and instead of shipping to the Pacific dad returned to the U.S. through Hampton Roads, Virginia.

What follows is a fragmentary unit history of the 396th Medical Collecting Company which is all the National Archives admits to having:

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