Possible identifications are:

FRONT ROW (sitting or kneeling) L to R -

1. Unknown
2. (maybe) Annie Eliza Haire (married John Allen Osteen, Sr. & after he died, Charlie Harrison), or after almost 3 years of thinking about it, more likely her sister, my grandmother Mary Lee Haire
3.  Possibly a Davis... looks very much like my mom's sister who was not yet born then, so of course it isn't her!
4.  Unknown
5.  Unknown
6.  Unknown
7.  Unknown
8.  Unknown
9.  Unknown
10. Unknown
11. Unknown
12. Possibly an Autry... looks much like my mom who was not yet born then.
13. Charlie Collins

BACK ROW (standing) L to R -

1.  John Robinson Johnson (married my grandfather's sister Mattie Lou Davis)
2.  I originally thought that maybe this was James Edgar Johnson, but after almost 3 years of thinking about it... this is probably my grandfather King Walter Davis.
3.  (maybe) James Edgar ("Ed") Johnson, John R. Johnson's brother?
4.  (Henry) Gordon Johnson, brother of John Robinson Johnson and James Edgar ("Ed") Johnson
5.  Unknown
6.  Unknown Mule (probably a distant cousin <G>)
7.  Unknown
8.  Marvin Williams, son of 2-great aunt Mary Haire and John Williams
9.  Unknown
10. Unknown

On the back of the photo in pencil is written:

"Mrs. K. W. Davis
Olga Fla
5 for $7.50"

My grandmother Mary Lee Haire/Davis lived in Hansford in 1914 when she married grandpa (King) Walter Davis, and... mom was born in Olga in 1916.  Grandpa owned a general store in nearby Alva but lost it after a brother-in-law defaulted on a note that grandpa co-signed.  Hansford, Olga and Alva were all in the same vicinity... on the Caloosahatchee at the eastern edge of Lee County, Florida, and I believe that either Alva or Olga was probably a new name for Hansford.  Dr. Winkler, who delivered my mother, travelled to and from the house (YES they DID make house calls back then, by boat on the Caloosahatchee).  By the time the W.W.I draft registration occurred the family was in Arcadia, DeSoto County, Florida.  Grandpa worked in a munitions plant near Dothan, Alabama, during W.W.I to gain draft exemption.  Grandma and my mother stayed with grandma's mother (Forrest Presell Autry/Haire) and grandmother (Mary McQueen/Autry) near Whigham in Grady County, Georgia, during this time.  Grandpa farmed in Grady County briefly after that and the family appears on the 1920 census in Grady County.  The photo apparently was copied in the 1915-1917 time frame and probably was not taken much earlier than that, if any.  I am not certain what brought this group together... for instance, family ties such as a family reunion; or perhaps they all belonged to the same church and maybe this was a church outing, with the family ties being coincidental?  It could have perhaps even have been some kind of school reunion.  All things considered, though, it does NOT look like a family reunion photo to me.

Richard White
Tallahassee, Florida
23 July 2003
Revised 19 February 2006
Revised 17 August 2009