This photo is of my great uncle George Washington Haire (born 18 September 1893 in Whigham, Decatur County, Georgia) and his wife Allie Mae Trulock (born 8 February 1905).  They were married at Meigs, Thomas County, Georgia, on 5 May 1926.  To me, they were just "Uncle George & Aint Allie"... They had no children, and they were, I guess, among other things, my "babysitters of last resort" when I was small... but mom even called Uncle George and had him come over one day and show me how to clear an obstruction from the fuel line of our lawnmower.  My grandparents and Uncle George & Aunt Allie were pretty "close" and were known to go cane pole fishing together from time to time, among other things.  Uncle George was a deacon at the Riverside Baptist Church in East Fort Myers, had apparently workeded at Everglades Nursery before I came along, and to my knowledge drove a fuel oil truck for Green's Fuel in Fort Myers and later installed chain link fencing for awhile.  Aunt Allie and my mom both worked "in the plant" at Prather's Dry Cleaning in Fort Myers and though mom quit after World War II Aunt Allie continued on there till she retired.  Uncle George died in Fort Myers in 1975.  After his death Aunt Allie married Robert Lloyd Taylor.  Aunt Allie died in Fort Myers in 1995.

Richard White
Tallahassee, Florida
22 July 2003