Some progress has been made in identifying these folks.  See below:

I'm not at all certain of the date or origin of this photo but believe that it probably originally belonged to my grandmother Mary Lee Haire Davis, who died in 1985.

Eunice Mae Johnson Harrison identified three of these folks in information relayed to me by Frankie Quamme in an e-mail dated 8 October 2003.  The man in the back is Eunice Mae's brother Frank Johnson.  Frank and Eunice Mae were children of John Robinson Johnson and Mattie Lou Davis.  Mattie Lou was a sister of my grandfather (King) Walter Davis, which makes Frank my first cousin once removed.  The man on the right (holding something white) is Eunice Mae's husband Harvey Harrison.  I'm going out on a limb here, but I believe that the man in front center is (Robert) Doster Clayton who married the Rosa Lee Osteen, daughter of my grandmother [wife of (King) Walter Davis] Mary Lee Haire's sister Annie Eliza Haire Osteen.

At the time the e-mail was sent I was told that Frank was living in Whigham, Georgia.  When I was a child he lived east of Fort Myers, Florida,on the south bank of the Caloosahatchee in the same loop road off of McGregor Boulevard that ran through the Shadlee Estate where grandpa worked.  Frank and Doster have since died and both were interred at Butler Cemetery south of Whigham.  Like myself, Doster's wife Rosa Lee was descended from Levi Butler.

Richard White
Tallahassee, Florida
22 May 2008