This photo is captioned as showing John Alexander ("Elic") Haire and  Tom or Charlie Collins.  Apparently the one on the left is Elic Haire... though this likeness does not seem to much resemble other photos of Elic.  The location would probably be Whigham, Grady County, Georgia, and the date would have been circa 1920.  Unlike the rest of the immediate family, great uncle Elic apparently spelled his last name "Hare"... or at least the U.S. Army (he served in France in W.W.I) did.  

I am grateful to Frankie Collins Quamme and her daughter Kim Quamme Miller who obtained a positive identification of Tom Collins from his daughter Pauline Collins Ferrell and passed it to me via e-mail on 23 April 2003.

Tom Collins married Annie Trulock.  My great uncle George Washington Haire (Elic's brother) married Annie's sister Allie Mae Trulock.  The Collins family members also passed to me..would you BELIEVE...?  THE RECEIPT FOR THE BUGGY!

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And here's Tom's brother Charlie Collins, also in the buggy!

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