The Apalachicola Creeks
in Florida History

Indian Land Cessions in the United States

The 1833 Apalachicola Creek Census

Links to Some Pertinent Treaties

The Conspiracy of Neamathla

1831 Survey of "Blunt's and Tuskegee's Reservation"

1826 Survey of Mulatto King and Emathlochee's Reservation

1825 Survey of Econchatimico's Reservation

Survey images from
LABINS , the Florida Department of Environmental Protection)

 The four reservations granted to the Apalachicolas by the U.S. government by the Treaty of Moultrie Creek, 1823.  
Source: Indian Land Cessions in the United States - Extract from the Eighteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology,
Washington, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1900.

Legend (numbered reservations marked on map at right)

119 - Nea Mathla's (not claimed)

176 - Blunt and Tuski Hajo's

184 -  Mulatto King & Emathlochee (including "Yellow Hair's improvements")

185 - Econchatimico's

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