The Apalachicola Creek Census of May 1833
(graphically reproduced)

The census was taken town by town.  Although there is no specific statement in the census documents, apparently children below age 9 were not enumerated.  The census was taken in May 1833, but was annotated on 9 November 1833 showing changes since May.

Citation of Source

Spanewalka or Davy's or Cochrane's Town

Iola or Blunt's Town

Choconicla or John Yellow Hair Town

Totowithla or Econchati Micco's Town

Attapulgus or Emathlochee Town

These appear to be the spellings in the documents cited.  John R. Swanton spelled the names as:
Spanawalka, Iolee, Cho-co-nikla, Tock-to-ethla
and Attapulgas (also known as Top-hulga).

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The Apalachicola Creeks

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